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‘Serious’ – so-called because they are design to stimulate and educate.... 

Xcellius Studios is an independent game company based in San Juan, P.R. Boasting small team of highly skilled creatives, with a wealth of high experience, the company was founded in 2017 to escape the constraints of large development and focus on creating innovative and immersive experiences that inspires and supports the global cannabis community. 

Our team is build around experienced & talented members who share a vision of creating a dream game company together. We are entrepreneurs, artists, designers, creators, working collaboratively to make an impact and positive change with our games. 


We see games as a powerful instrument that can shape the world. Serious about what impact games can have on learning and change, we design and develop experience to achieve the right influence with an education first approach to empower and engage the evolving cannabis consumers.

​Its not about making games... It’s about unlocking the power of wellness through visually appealing entertaining content.

Want to work with us?

 We are looking for creative people to join our team.

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